Where can I use Pumacard?

Pumacard can be used at any Pumacard Merchant across the country. To find the closest Puma service station, please refer to the “site-finder” on our website www.pumaenergy.com.au or download our Puma Energy Fuel Locator app at either the app store or Google Play. Alternatively you can print off the current site listing from www.pumacard.com.au.

Pumacard can also be used at any Motorpass merchant across the country so we have 90% of all service stations across the country covered. For Motorpass service stations please refer to the Motorpass website www.motorpass.com.au or download the Motorpass app to find your nearest location. Note that extra fees apply when you use your Pumacard at a Motorpass site rather than a Puma site.

What products and services can I buy with my Pumacard?

A wide variety of fuels, goods and services can be purchased with the Pumacard. You are able to limit available products to certain product groups and types. This can be viewed online at www.pumacard.com.au

You can also change these options online at any time.

What online functionality is available?

You can manage your cards online including cancelling, adding or changing card details. As well, all transactions and statements can be viewed online and exported in csv form.

How can I obtain a Pumacard?

Simply complete the online application form at apply.pumacard.com.au. Note that the Pumacard is for ABN holders only.

How do I cancel a lost or stolen card?

You can cancel cards via the self-service customer web-portal at www.pumacard.com.au or call us on 1300 234 279.

What are the payment terms?

Payment is due 21 days after the month of purchase

How will I receive my statements?

Statements will be sent via email (or via mail if you have selected this option) at the end of each calendar month. Re-prints of earlier statements can be done via logging in to your account on the customer web-portal.

How can I pay my statement?

There are a number of options to pay your account:

Direct debit – call 1300 234 279 to set this up
Payment on statement:
B Pay
Credit Card

What if I can’t pay my account by the due date?

Please phone us on 1300 234 279 if you will be late with payment of the account to discuss. Late payment may result in your card/s being suspended.

If payment is not received by the due date a late fee may apply. This fee is a $15 administration fee plus 3.00% per month on the account balance.

What fees are involved with the Pumacard?

There is a $2.50 per card, per month fee applicable.

What if my Credit Limit has been reached?

You will need to immediately pay an amount to reduce your amount owing to ensure continued use of the card/s. If you would like to request an increase to your credit limit, you can apply via the customer web-portal or call us on 1300 234 279.

Where can I use my Pumacard at outdoor payment terminals?

Please click here to view the list of accredited sites.