About Pumacard

A fuel network that reaches far and wide

If you fill up at one of our 400+ Puma service stations around the country, you will enjoy no transaction fees and other benefits. You can also use your Pumacard at over 90% of all fuel outlets – that’s over 5,800 service stations across the country. So wherever you’re going, it’s nice to know you’ll be able to refuel en route. Purchases aren’t just restricted to fuel. You can pay for tyres, services, repairs and maintenance, car parking, accommodation, taxis and more. Whatever you need, just pull out your Pumacard and you’ll soon be on your way.

A card that’s made-to-measure

At Puma we offer three different types of card - tailored specifically to your needs and cash flow. It’s about customising the right card to fit your business.

1. Driver and Registration Card

This card has both driver and registration details embossed on it so only the driver in the given vehicle is allowed to use the card. There is the option to have a signature panel on the back, which must be signed upon receipt.

2. Driver Only Card

This card will have a nominated cardholder/driver with that person’s name embossed on it. Only the nominated driver is eligible to use this card. This card can also have a signature panel added to the back, which must be msigned upon receipt.

3. Vehicle Details Card

A card specific to a vehicle’s registration, make, model, and colour, or its registration number. The vehicle details will be printed on the card, so anyone driving the vehicle has access to it.

Should you want to change your card in the future, just contact us and we’ll find the best card combination to suit you.

Protecting your business

With Pumacard, you have the flexibility of choosing different purchasing options for your drivers or vehicles. Whether you allow some drivers to only purchase fuel and oil, or let them make shop purchases - it’s up to you. All cards can be PIN enabled.

Pumacard also gives you access to Velocity Transaction Controls, a real-time fraud protection tool that lets you set specific limits on exactly how and when cards are used. For example, you can define how many times a day a card can be used, or even how many litres can be pumped per month.

Accounting made easy

Your Pumacard allows you to consolidate your fuel, servicing, maintenance and repairs, car parking, roadside response, car rental, taxi and accommodation expenses into one simple monthly statement. Just nominate the information you would like for each driver or vehicle and we’ll do the rest.

We’ll send your statement via email in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or text (.txt) format so you can easily save your records.

We also offer Quarterly Activity Reports and Annual Activity Reports as extra services to help you keep on top of your finances. Just give us call if you’d like to hear more.